Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kilver Court - Wedding Fair Preparation

Feature by Monty Saul 
Mother-in-Law of Bridezilla....

No, not some dire B movie but a very excited Mum who finds herself assisting with her son and fiancĂ©e-in-Law's wedding plans for this summer.   As the mother of three boys, you cannot begin to imagine how exciting this is....

We have had the luxury of time as the love-birds got engaged last summer whilst on holiday in Capri, but what is scary is that suddenly it's now only five months away and there's still so much to do.

Photo by Andrew Brannan for Niki's daughter - Nostalgia at No1
The bridesmaids dresses still need finishing.... I've discovered long lost dressmaking (i.e. hemming) skills as Bella was determined to make the little bridesmaids dresses herself. Roger and I are nurturing lots of cuttings in the greenhouse for boosting the table decorations and I keep going back to the bedroom plan to try and work out where everyone is going to sleep.
Dove Cote Weddings at Kilver Court
It will be very interesting to visit our own Wedding Fair at Kilver Court on the 17th of March to talk to the best local suppliers about their ideas and of course there’s also the Kilver Court Pinterest site which has a whole load of brilliant ideas of how to personalize your big day.
Photos by Andrew Brannan for Niki's daughter - Nostalgia at No1
In the meantime I am haunting our outlet shops, looking for the perfect Mother-in Law outfit which needs to be sleek but comfy - looking in LK Bennett and lusting after their fabulous little dresses and stilettos but knowing that I'll need to not be sinking into the grass! Thank goodness they have some fab wedges in as well :)
Will report in next week on my buying trip to the Birmingham Spring Fair and what goodies you can look out for in the coming weeks. Talking of goodies, I've just placed our first order with Rococo chocolates - oh the sheer naughtiness of ordering boxes of the prettiest, never mind, scrummiest chocolates, all beautifully packaged. Do hope they send us some samples....

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